With thousands of happy Prodigy X customers all around the world, you can safely shop with confidence knowing you're being taken care of by the best.

Mike Davis
UFC Lightweight Champion


"As an athlete, I’ve been using this after my tough sessions in the gym which has definitely sped up recovery time. Great product love it. It's a total game-changer, and I wouldn't train without it."

Kimberly S.

"Love it! It was so easy to put together. After 1 minute use, I'm feeling amazing!"

Shimon B.

"Easy to understand instructions that make set up a breeze + the tub is very sturdy. Lots of space inside too. I‘m 5”11 and sat inside with my legs crossed with room to spare. Love the branding and logo too, think it looks great. Great addition to the home gym for sure!"

Shelby T.

"Small packaging, easy to assemble, great quality, it even comes with a lid! Legit cannot fault this product!"

  • "A high quality ice bath that is quick and easy to assemble. It’s convenient that I can now go for a plunge anytime at home. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in ice baths/cold water therapy. It’s well insulated so it stays colder for way longer than I expected and the thermometer is a nice bonus. Overall I’m very happy with the purchase and the benefits I’ve received so far have been well worth the money!!"

    Michael W.

  • "I've been cold plunging for three years, starting with DIY methods like ice-filled bathtubs and bins. After seeing Prodigy X on Amazon, I tried it and was impressed. Setup was quick, and its comfort and design exceeded expectations. Perfect for beginners, it's great value for money and looks sleek."

    Jay L.

  • "Have been feeling 100x better since jumping in one of these bad boys straight after sport. Product showed up and was exactly as described on listing. I’m a bit over 6 foot and can fit in with ease as wide and sturdy. The cover keeps out the local critters and the thermometer has been super helpful to hit that nipple burning temp. It even looks like it could even keep a few cans chilled for those Sunday recovery’s sessions. If I had four hand I’d give it four thumbs up. Get yourself one."

    Brodie S.

  • "I have been extremely impressed thus far. It has been a game-changer for my post-workout recovery routine. First and foremost, the portability of this ice bath is a huge plus. It's easy to set up and pack down. The compact design means it doesn't take up much space when not in use, which is a big win as I live in an apartment."

    Juan F.

  • "Fantastic ice bath. Comes with instructions that make the setup process super easy. Once set up, simply fill with water, add as much as ice as you like and then enjoy the plunge. Also included is a floating thermometer which is a great addition to help dial in the water temperature. Would definitely buy it again, have already recommended it to my friends."

    Adam J.

  • "Weathers heating up so grabbed one to use post work out. Didn’t take long to set up and with a couple bags of ice it has been a great recovery dip. It’s was wider than I expected which was great as I’m over 6 foot!"

    Scotty A.

  • "I am really pleased with this purchase and my decision to upgrade my cold exposure therapy. I have been doing cold showers everyday for the last 6 months but decided to take it up a notch and invest in an icebath, and I am extremely glad I did.
    It was incredibly easy and quick to set up, the quality is awesome and it looks sleek."

    Searly B.

  • "I ordered mine on a Wednesday and it came on Friday! It is so much better than I could ever have hoped for and really quick and easy to set up so I could use it straight away. It also came with a thermometer which was a classy touch. I now use it everyday and have it next to my sauna. I would highly recommend."

    Taylor B.

  • "I've been using this portable ice bath for my post-workout recovery routine, and I'm very happy with the convenience and ease of use. It's compact enough to store away when not in use, but large enough to accommodate my entire body comfortably. The setup is straightforward, and I appreciate that it comes with clear instructions. Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a convenient and easy-to-use ice bath."

    Chris J.