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Common questions our customers have regarding our Original Ice Bath

Regular cleaning after each use is recommended to maintain hygiene. A simple rinse and wipe down with mild soap should suffice.
While there's no built-in chiller, you can adjust the temperature by adding more ice to reach your desired level.
It's designed for adults, particularly athletes and trainers. We advise against use by children, especially without adult supervision.
It's optimised for cold therapy. Using it for hot baths isn't recommended as it may damage the material. However a nice warm bath is fine!
A water thermometer is included; additional items like bath salts or aromatherapy oils are optional but should be used cautiously to avoid material damage.
Deflate, dry it completely, and store in a cool, dry place to prevent mould and mildew.


Frequent customer inquiries about our Recovery PRO Ice Bath

It can maintain cold temperatures up to an hour, depending on ambient conditions which is still plenty of time to complete your icy plunge. A chiller extends this significantly, keeping your water icy whenever you want.
Due to its size, it's best suited for spacious areas. However it can be used and kept outside due to its durable and compact materials. Please consider the dimensions before purchasing.
It's built to accommodate individuals up to 6ft 9, but please refer to the specific weight capacity in the manual.
We don't recommend moving it when filled due to its size and weight. It can get extremely heavy when full, Empty it first for safety.
he lid is designed for insulation and safety, not airtight sealing. It prevents debris entry and helps maintain temperature.
Regular cleaning and checking for any obstructions in the outlets are advised. Follow the chiller's maintenance guide for optimal performance


Learn more about the essentials of Cold Water Therapy

Regular cold water therapy can enhance circulation, reduce muscle inflammation, and improve overall well-being, contributing to long-term health benefits.
Yes, most people find that with consistent practice, their tolerance to the cold increases, making the experience more enjoyable and refreshing.
It's an excellent addition to any fitness regimen, aiding in faster muscle recovery, reducing soreness, and increasing your readiness for the next workout.

For optimal performance, we recommend jumping in before your weight training session!
Many enthusiasts report an immune system boost from regular cold plunges, as it can stimulate the body’s natural defence mechanisms.
While individual preferences vary, starting with 3-4 sessions per week can be beneficial, gradually adjusting based on personal comfort and goals.
Absolutely! It's known to enhance mood, improve mental clarity, and provide a natural energy boost, contributing to overall mental wellness.