Prodigy X™ RecoveryPRO Ice Bath
Prodigy X™ RecoveryPRO Ice Bath
Prodigy X™ RecoveryPRO Ice Bath
Prodigy X™ RecoveryPRO Ice Bath
Prodigy X™ RecoveryPRO Ice Bath
Prodigy X™ RecoveryPRO Ice Bath
Prodigy X™ RecoveryPRO Ice Bath
Prodigy X™ RecoveryPRO Ice Bath
Prodigy X™ RecoveryPRO Ice Bath

  • Prodigy X™ RecoveryPRO Ice Bath

  • "The ultimate ice bath for those wanting to take their recovery to the next level. Insane what this ice bath can do!" - Jason W.

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  • Your Recovery Challenges

    Finding a practical solution for effective cold water therapy can be challenging. Using a regular bathtub is inconvenient and fails to maintain the necessary cold temperatures. Professional-grade ice baths, on the other hand, can be prohibitively expensive. This leaves many searching for a viable, cost-effective solution.

  • The RecoveryPRO Ice Bath: The Ultimate Recovery

    Discover the Prodigy X RecoveryPRO Ice Bath – a leap forward in cold water therapy. It stands out with its reinforced durability, extra-large size, chiller compatibility, and an innovative clip-on lid, all while maintaining icy temperatures for extended periods.

  • The Power of Cold Water Therapy

    Cold water therapy is a proven method to accelerate recovery, reduce muscle soreness, and improve circulation. It's a favorite among athletes for its effectiveness in enhancing physical well-being.

  • Why Choose RecoveryPRO

    The RecoveryPRO Ice Bath is designed for those who take recovery seriously. It's not just an ice bath; it's a recovery powerhouse used by top athletes.

    Reinforced Durability:

    Despite its inflatable design, the RecoveryPRO boasts a hard structure, offering both comfort and robustness.

    Extra Large Size:

    Its generous dimensions ensure complete immersion for individuals of all sizes, providing the full benefits of cold water therapy.

    Chiller Compatibility:

    Connect straight to the Prodigy X™ FROST X1 Water-Chiller and stay ready for recovery with icy water.

    Clip-on Lid:

    Enhance safety and maintain cold temperatures with a secure, insulating lid.

  • Your Recovery, Redefined

    The Prodigy X RecoveryPRO Ice Bath is more than just a product; it's an investment in your health and athletic performance. With its unparalleled features, it offers a professional-level recovery experience right at home. Don't settle for less. Step up to the RecoveryPRO Ice Bath today, and experience a new standard in recovery.

  • What's Included?

    The Prodigy X RecoveryPRO Ice Bath package comes complete with everything you need for a superior recovery experience. Here's what's included:

    - RecoveryPRO Ice Bath Tub

    - Clip-On Lid

    - Instruction Manual

    - Dual-Action Pump

    - Carry Bag

    - Bonus Water-Absorbant Mat

  • Specifications
    Dimensions: 55" Length x 30" Width x 28" Height

    Material: Reinforced fibreglass and skin-friendly PVC for lasting durability.

    Capacity: Suitable for individuals up to 6 ft 9 inches

    Chiller Compatibility: Equipped with dedicated water in and out outlets for chiller connection

    Drainage System: Included Drain Hose

    Colour and Design:Black, Minimalistic, Modern

    Safety Features: Secure clip-on lid for added safety and insulation
  • Time Guidelines
    The effectiveness of cold water therapy depends on the right balance between water temperature and immersion duration. For instance, in water at 10°C, a maximum of 10 minutes is ideal.

    Temperature to Time Guidelines:

    - 1°C Water: Up to 1 Minute of Immersion
    - 3°C Water: Up to 3 Minutes of Immersion
    - 5°C Water: Up to 5 Minutes of Immersion
    - 10°C Water: Up to 10 Minutes of Immersion
  • Health and Safety
    Warning: Before using an ice bath, it's crucial to consult with a doctor, especially if you have health concerns.

    Who Should Avoid Ice Baths:

    Not for those under 18, pregnant, with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, pacemaker, history of frostbite, open wounds, recent surgery, epilepsy, or other serious health issues.

    Effects on Body: Cold water can lower body temperature, constrict blood vessels, and slow blood flow, potentially increasing blood pressure and risk of cardiac issues in some individuals.

    Possible Side Effects: Common effects include a strong sensation of cold. Overuse may cause hypothermia, frostbite, fast or irregular heartbeat, or allergic reactions.

    Usage Recommendations: Use ice baths properly for health benefits. Start with short sessions and gradually increase, always respecting your body's limits.



Trusted by thousands of happy customers worldwide.

  • A Game-Changer for Recovery: The Ultimate Ice Bath for a UFC Fighter!

    "As a UFC fighter constantly pushing my limits, recovery is Important to my success inside the Octagon. After extensively researching various recovery methods, I decided to invest in the ProdigyX Ice Bath, and it has truly revolutionized my recovery routine.

    This ice bath is an absolute game-changer for any athlete, especially those in combat sports like MMA. The benefits are simply unmatched. The chilling cold water rejuvenates fatigued muscles and reduces inflammation, allowing me to recover faster and get back to training at full throttle.

    The durability and design of this ice bath are impressive. It's spacious enough to comfortably immerse my entire body, ensuring a thorough and effective cooling experience. The construction is top-notch, and the insulation keeps the water icy cold for extended periods, making every post-training plunge a refreshing one.

    I appreciate the portability of the ice bath, allowing me to set it up at home or take it to training camps. The ease of assembly and disassembly is a huge plus, making it a convenient and versatile tool in my recovery arsenal.

    Using the ProdigyX Ice Bath has become a crucial part of my recovery routine, helping me stay at the top of my game. I highly recommend it to fellow UFC fighters and athletes seeking a competitive edge in their recovery efforts. It's a total game-changer, and I wouldn't train without it!"

    Mike D.

  • Great Product!

    "Very happy so far. I've got a streak of 14 days in a row! This is a great product! If you're considering a cold plunge, do it. I set it up in my garage; added a pump, water chiller, water filter, and a thermostat to regulate water temp. The product allows for easy pairing with other plumbing which was a huge deciding factor. No drilling or modification requiring for adding other components."

    Keegan K.

  • Wish I had bought it sooner! Great Large Ice Bath.

    "After using the standard round ice bath for months, I finally decided that I wanted something that 1) was big enough for me to stretch my legs out and 2) I could connect to a water-chiller unit

    I found this one and even though the price of buying this ($800) is a bit steep, I figured quality is worth paying for, so I gave it a crack. I’m very glad I did.

    It arrived on the Gold Coast 4 days later.

    This design is exactly what I was looking for. It’s very spacious - I’m 6ft 2 and I can completely extend my legs out flat, whilst keeping my shoulders fully submerged in the water. Game-changer.

    It’s also a very strong build. Once inflated I’m impressed with how sturdy it is. I can sit my entire body weight (85kg) on it and it holds me easily. It's well insulated and the material is rock hard. Very impressed by that.

    It comes with a high quality pump and takes about 8 minutes to set the tub and lid up and clip them together.

    It also comes with a floor mat. Handy addition that is very helpful for not making an absolute mess with water around the ice bath (I try my best haha).

    It’s also very easy to connect to a water-chiller. 15mm threads connect straight into 15mm hose pipes that connect straight into the chiller. Works well. I purchased the chiller online too and love the complete set up.

    Overall I’m very glad I bought this one.

    It’s worth the money, I only wish I bought it sooner!"

    Sam H.




In cold water therapy, exposure to cold causes your blood vessels to constrict, reducing blood flow. This is a natural defense against the cold, helping to preserve body heat. When you emerge from the cold water, these vessels rapidly reopen. This quick change aids in flushing out metabolic by-products from your muscles, facilitating recovery.

The Prodigy X Recovery PRO Ice Bath optimises this process, enhancing your body's natural healing response and aiding in muscle recovery and rejuvenation.

Mike Davis
UFC Lightweight Champion


Mike Davis, UFC Lightweight star, relies on our product for post-training recovery, finding it instrumental in enhancing his performance and ensuring he's always at his best in the Octagon.